the Yellow Band Project

The Enough Movement’s most powerful tool for creating unity is the Yellow Band Project.  A wristband that we will be able to recognize in public and on the street to show that we have had enough, and we are ready to change the tone in our interactions. It’s a welcoming representation of your declaration of a brighter and more beautiful future, and an invitation to begin the conversation with others who want the same.

When you’re in a crowd, at the market or walking down the street and you spot someone with an Enough yellow band, you’ve just identified a collaborator, a like-minded colleague or friend.  Start a dialogue- ask them what they’ve had enough of.  

We challenge every person to order as many yellow wristbands as they can, give them away or sell them.  Wear them and share them proudly as a symbol of unity, and a statement that you too have had Enough!

Join the Yellow Band Project

Individual band prices are determined by the quantity ordered.

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