“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.

– Margaret Wheatley

For Organizations

Being part of the Enough movement means you’re inclusive, collaborative, and prepared to participate in the global change that is truly good for the people.

The purpose of this movement is not to change anything you’re currently working on, but instead, allow the sentiment to be woven throughout your projects and content moving forward. The subtle recognition will develop a “feeling” within your communications that people will be able to recognize and connect with. 

In your content:

The best way to represent the Enough movement throughout your content is to literally use the language whenever the sentiment is appropriate. Some other suggestions would be to: 

  • Bold the word enough where it makes sense, or to add emphasis
  • Introduce new content or ideas with an “Enough” statement aligning with the purpose of that action/content
  • Stamp pieces of your content with the Enough icon as a sign of solidarity (with image)
  • Include a thin yellow line across your letterheads, headings and designs as a ribbon of alignment (with image)
  • Capitalize “Enough” throughout your content, so it stands out and is recognized as a proper noun

On your website:

We need to put our foot down and say Enough.

We’re creating a way for people to finally speak up. A better world begins by simply opening the conversation. If you’re feeling like the world has gone mad around you, don’t worry. You’re not alone. 

Even if you don’t feel confident enough to express what you disagree with, the Enough Movement is a way to step out confidently and safely. It can mean whatever you want it to mean, and that’s what is so great about it.

On social media:

  • Utilize Enough statements in your memes
  • Leverage #enough #enoughmovement hashtags whenever it makes sense to
  • Comment on anything that you’re tired of seeing with “Enough” or “Enough is Enough”
  • Social Media Badge for your profile
  • Thin yellow line on your social profile photos

As an individual:

  • Sign up
  • Comment #Enough on posts whenever you see something you’ve had enough with
  • What have you had enough of? Share your story on your website and explain to your visitors what you stand for.
  • Wear Enough gear from our shop in your everyday life and encourage conversation and open dialogue
  • Feel free to add the Enough logo and Yellow Bands to your own storefront designs

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