We believe a single word is capable of becoming the most profound mechanism of change in our time.

We’ve had Enough.

The Enough Movement was born when four women shared a realization.

“We’ve had Enough.”

The power of that moment cannot be overstated. It was both a line in the sand and a frontier of hope. These four women began connecting with other individuals and organizations who felt the same and from those resonate and deep connections, a global movement was formed.  Although the specific origin of their frustrations may differ, each of us have one thing in common. We know the insanity must stop, and it must stop now!

The word Enough is being echoed throughout the world (in poems, posters, songs and videos), but what’s next?   Being solution-oriented, these 4 women decided to give the Enough Movement to the world. All of us want to create a world we’ll be proud to gift to our children and grandchildren. This shared desire is our point of connection and foundation for solutions.

Because we are Enough.

As we find one another, learn from each other, respect our differences and collaborate, the Enough Movement will play an integral role in helping to create that better world!

The Enough Movement takes the deep global sense of frustration and turns it into possibility. It belongs to all of us. Anyone who feels the need to draw a line and begin something new can be part of the solution.

Because we are Enough.

Join us